• Nitrogen purity

    In the air separation process reduction of the oxygen content in nitrogen, commonly known as nitrogen purity, adds a variety of costs both in terms of investment and operation. Therefore, while researching choices for the right nitrogen generator to buy you need to scrutinise the processes in which nitrogen is used.

    Thus, it is advisable to verify all your applications and points of nitrogen intake to design an adequate nitrogen system (generator) providing the minimal nitrogen purity required for each process.

    Building a system which generates nitrogen at purity higher than the minimum required by the process is needless and commercially unviable. Nitrogen quality exceeding the minimal required value usually does not contribute to the improvement in the process or product quality, yet significantly increases the investment and operating costs (sometimes severalfold).

    The table below shows the approximate purity of nitrogen (oxygen content) for various applications.


    Our specialists can support you in selecting a relevant nitrogen purity for your application.