• Nitrogen generator – an inexpensive and reliable source of nitrogen for your company


    Most industrial plants use nitrogen in their production processes. It is worth considering whether the currently used nitrogen production / supply technology is the most cost-effective for you and if it is possible to obtain nitrogen in a cheaper and safer way than at present. Perhaps you could explore options for building a tailor-made solution meeting all your production needs in terms of purity, pressure, efficiency, dimensions, etc. If you want to increase productivity, improve the quality of products by providing the highest quality nitrogen attuned to your needs and you are looking for financial savings, then our offer is addressed to you.

    Gaseous nitrogen is used in a variety of industrial applications, from packing in a modified atmosphere for perishable food products, providing a protective atmosphere for: heat treatment, soldering, production of plastic components, and up to fire and explosion protection. However, although nitrogen is omnipresent and accounts for 78% of the atmosphere around us, obtaining and storing the clean gas can be problematic and expensive.

    There are several options available for plants that use nitrogen. They can:
    1. purchase nitrogen in a liquid state and evaporate it to gas by means of a leased installation
    2. purchase liquid nitrogen supplied in small tanks (Dewars)
    3. purchase nitrogen gas supplied in high pressure cylinders
    4. separate nitrogen gas from compressed air (nitrogen generators)

    The first three methods pose a number of problems, such as:
    - Complex transport of nitrogen
    - Nitrogen gas is dangerous to store due to high pressure or low temperature
    - It is difficult to determine when the gas runs out
    - Gas is supplied in a variable quality
    - Significant lease costs of nitrogen storing and evaporation equipment
    - Replacing cylinders or gas supplies require specialised handling
    - In case of liquid gas, evaporation losses occur
    - After evaporation gas has varied temperatures
    - Plant production relies on the work of external companies (gas suppliers)
    - Loss of valuable space to install or store cylinders
    - Additional expenses incurred to monitor the gas level, place orders and manage invoicing
    - Finally, also the high price of the supplied gas

    All these problems can be eliminated by using nitrogen generators produced and offered by PK Systemy Azotowe. With our generators your company gains full control over nitrogen management. Our nitrogen generators ensure “Plug and Play” operation to provide you with cheap nitrogen at the quality, quantity and pressure tailored to your requirements. The efficiency of PK generators will exceed your all expectations. Very often, following installation of a PK nitrogen generator costs associated with obtaining nitrogen decrease by as much as 80-90%.

    PK offers top quality equipment designed in both technologies applied in nitrogen generation available on the market (Membrane and PSA):
    - Membrane generators
    - Modular PSA generators
    - PSA Twin Tower generators

    Membrane generators’ designin based on membrane modules. Each membrane module consists of bundles of individual hollow fibres. Their physical properties allow oxygen to permeate through the membrane fibre, leaving nitrogen inside. As membrane modules are designed for large gas streams while being relatively small in size, they feature a very favourable compressed air-to-nitrogen generation ratio. The modules do not require to have the compressed air heated, do not lose their efficiency over time and have a lifespan of over 10 years. As compared to generators using membranes from other manufacturers, PK solutions decrease investment costs and– above all, nitrogen generation costs. Because membranes are sensitive to oil pollution a refrigerant air dryer fitted with de-oiling filters needs to be installed in front of the generator. Due to their operating parameters membrane nitrogen generators are used to produce large amounts of nitrogen at a relatively low purity. Available pressures range from 3 to 12 bar (g) at residual oxygen content from 0.1% to 5%. One unit can produce from 1 to almost 300 m3 nitrogen per hour, and taking into account that one unit can be fitted with up to several dozens of membranes the maximum efficiency level is virtually unlimited. Thanks to an built-in oxygen analyser the quality of produced nitrogen can be regularly controlled. Generators’ compact construction makes it easy to expand the installation to increase the efficiency of nitrogen production. Simultaneously, such installation ensures high operational flexibility along with a very safe nitrogen supply. Lightweight design, small size and simple installation enable building an on-site nitrogen generation unit in virtually any space. PK unique solutions minimise the consumption of compressed air and electricity and consequently significantly lower costs of nitrogen production. Thus, a typical return on investment costs is 12-24 months versus the costs of nitrogen obtained in the traditional way.

    As a company designing and manufacturing equipment for compressed air production and filtration, PK can deliver a comprehensive solution equipped with a generator alongside the entire air preparation line for the generator (compression, drying, filtration and installation). That means that you have a unique opportunity to both secure the quality and lifespan of the entire unit and extend the warranty for many years in cooperation with our service.