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  • Our team

    Our team consists of over 20 professionals, with a reputation for commitment and passion about their jobs. We strive to make every day innovative and contribute to developing our offer and skills.

    Projects carried out by our company set new standards for technical solutions, leaving our competitors far behind. By continually monitoring research and development in the compressed air and nitrogen industry in addition to using our own tests and simulations, we create and build state-of-the-art solutions. We offer them to our Clients who can rely on our design and hands-on experience combined with our open minds. At work, we focus on investigating the problem thoroughly to be able to propose a concept meeting all current and future needs of our Clients in 100%. Over the years of providing the most innovative solutions, the Company has gained vast knowledge and competence in a very broad area. Notably, members of our team had accumulated previous experience and skills at renowned universities and while working for such companies as: Comprot, Archimedes, KaeserKompessoren, Parker Hannifin, Domnick Hunter, Parker Filtration and Separation B.V. , Hiross, Zander, Balston, Finite, PKN Orlen.


    We design and manufacture tailor-made solutions in the area of nitrogen production, as well as production and treatment of compressed air. Our offer includes three main product groups:

    1) Nitrogen generation systems

    Within this product group, PK Systemy Azotowe produces both mobile and stationary systems for generating nitrogen of 95% to 99.9995% purity. Our solutions feature advanced level of automation and control. The applied technologies and components are an outcome of analyses, experiences and efforts of committed specialists as well as close cooperation with our suppliers. Over the years, we have developed the most technically advanced solutions on the market. Solutions designed and built by PK Systemy Azotowe are suitable for work in various, even highly unfavourable conditions - dust, humidity, temperature, potentially explosive areas, etc.

    2) Systems for compressing and treating compressed air

    Our products include screw and piston compressors, Roots blowers, as well as gas treatment and preparation equipment. Design solutions developed by PK Systemy Azotowe are fine tuned in every aspect and warrant a high level of technical parameters in terms of quality, performance, control and protection against noise emission in the environment. Also in this case we can design our equipment to make it suitable for work in difficult or dangerous environments.

    3) Parker Hannifin products and technologies

    Our offer includes distribution and configuration of systems by Parker Hannifin. PK Systemy Azotowe draws on its experience to modernize and maintain Parker Hannifin’s nitrogen generation systems, compressed air treatment systems and process water chillers.

  • Quality Assurance

    Continuous development and the highest quality standards are our top priority.

    PK constantly raises its level of expertise and qualifications through regular collaboration with companies and scientific centres from the Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Italy and Poland. We guarantee that our equipment and services are safe and reliable.
    For our solutions we provide the Safety Assurance, Quality Guarantee and Top Level Technology Assurance – including for protected and danger zones.