Stainless steel heat regenerated compressed air dryer

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    Stainless steel heat regenerated compressed air dryer, 0% loss

    Performance range: 200 to 14500 m3/h
    Pressure range: from 4 to 16 bar
    The range of dew point pressure: -20C, -40C, -70C

  • Our heat regenerated adsorption dryers are designed in the Twin Tower technology. Each tower is divided into sections and uses high-efficiency snowstorm bed filling method. With decades of experience, unique design and our production resources, PK Systemy Azotowe has almost unlimited possibilities to provide the required performance while maintaining the pressure dew point ranging from -20° C to -70° C.

    PK energy-saving dryers feature a zero (0%) loss of compressed air for regeneration. The plants have the ability to generate additional energy savings by using steam, exhaust gas or oil heat exchangers, etc. We produce customised dryers, made of stainless steel and corrosion resistant materials. Features such as performance, size, components, control and measurement functions are agreed with the User. We specialise in the production of tailor-made equipment.

    There is an option to integrate a adsorption dryer with a freon cooler. The hybrid adsorption air dryers are significantly better in terms of their scope of operation, efficiency and functionality. It is possible to decrease the size of the adsorption dryer by reducing the temperature at the inlet of the drying unit. In that case the plant can operate either based on the cooling section only while providing the pressure dew point of + 3C, or with both sections switched on and obtaining the pressure dew point at -20oC or -40C while consuming the lowest amount of energy possible. This function is very useful in cases when from technological point of view the air supplied to the receiving equipment could reach the pressure dew point at + 3C, yet due to the fact that there is an extensive overhead installation, which in winter is exposed to negative temperatures, the drying must be at -20 / -40oC. In such a situation, the adsorbent section can be automatically switch on and off(in “ambient temperature” mode), providing optimal operating conditions for the equipment. Simultaneously, electricity savings can reach up to several hundred thousand zlotys a year.