Stainless steel compressed air separators

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  • Cyclone separators

    Stainless steel compressed air separators

    Performance range: from 300 to 27000 m3/h
    Pressure range: from 4 to 16 bar
    Range of thread sizes: from 2" to DN300

  • Our stainless steel compressed air cyclone separators are an excellent solution wherever a durable, reliable and corrosion-resistant design is needed.

    Centrifugal flow force in separators effectively removes condensate from the compressed air.

    PK Systemy Azotowe manufactures stainless steel cyclone separators based on designs and drawings provided by our Clients. We specialise in the production of tailor-made separators.

    As a finishing touch in our production process PK cyclone separators undergo the electropolishing process. Thanks to that their surface is perfectly smooth and shiny, as well as much more resistant to contamination and multiplication of microorganisms. Electropolishing and the resultant reduction in the number of microorganisms is particularly valued in pharmaceutical and food sectors.

    PK can produce stainless steel cyclone separators that are built entirely based on our Client’s design or in compliance with the Client’s parameters.