Refrigerant air dryer

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    Refrigerant air dryer

    Performance range: 200 to 10000 m3/h
    Pressure range: from 4 to 16 bar
    The range of dew point pressure: from +1 to +10 °C
    Ambient temperature range -20 to + 50 °C

  • What distinguishes our compressed air refrigerant dryers from competitors is the fact that they can obtain a reliable pressure dew point even at + 1C. PK makes dryers for outdoors applications, able to work in negative temperatures and when exposed to wind, rain and snow.

    We produce customised refrigerant dryers, made largely of stainless steel and corrosion resistant materials. Features such as performance, size, components, control and measurement functions are agreed with the User. We specialise in the production of tailor-made equipment.

    There is an option to integrate a freon cooler with a refrigerant air dryer. The plant can be either combined in one cabinet or operate as two separate but interdependent pieces of equipment. The hybrid refrigerant air dryers are significantly better in terms of their scope of operation, efficiency and functionality.