PK PSA nitrogen generators

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  • PSA nitrogen generators

    PSA nitrogen generators designed in Twin Tower and PK modular technologies

    Performance range: from 1 to 2000 m3/h
    Pressure range: from 5 to 13 bar
    Range of oxygen content: from 5 ppm to 5%

  • PK PSA nitrogen generators are manufactured both in Twin Tower and modular technology, which utilises the snowstorm bed filling method. With decades of experience, unique designs and our production resources, PK Systemy Azotowe has almost unlimited possibilities to provide the required performance while maintaining the oxygen content ranging from 5 ppm to 5%.

    PSA nitrogen generators utilise carbon molecular sieve (CMS) from the best global producers. To enhance energy efficiency, PK generators can be equipped with energy saving system, quality management system dependent on the oxygen contents, sequential disconnecting of individual devices or modules, etc. PK manufactures stainless steel customised generators. Features such as performance, size, components, control and measurement functions are agreed with the User. We specialise in the production of tailor-made equipment.