PK membrane nitrogen generators

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  • Membrane Nitrogen Generators

    PK membrane nitrogen generators

    Performance range: from 1 to 10000 m3/h
    Pressure range: from 5 to 13 bar
    Range of oxygen content: from 0.5 ppm to 5%

  • PK Membrane Nitrogen Generators utilise top quality Parker membrane modules. With decades of experience, unique designs and our production resources, PK Systemy Azotowe has almost unlimited possibilities to provide the required performance while maintaining the oxygen content ranging from 5 ppm to 5%.

    PK membrane nitrogen generators are highly flexible and scalable. They offer a modular design and are equipped with a system of automatically controlled (regulated by demand) valves that can sequentially disconnect individual modules. Thus, depending on the required supply of nitrogen, the number of operating membrane modules can be increased or decreased. This lowers the demand for air and consequently reduces the compressor’s electricity consumption.

    PK offer includes customised generators, with features such as performance, size, components, control and measurement functions agreed with the User. We specialise in the production of tailor-made equipment.