Outsourcing of compressed air and nitrogen

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  • Quality warranty

    Services provided by our company include a constant supply of compressed air and nitrogen in guaranteed quantity, quality, pressure and agreed price, straight to Client’s tanks from PK’s own supply sources located on-site.

    PK operates in three areas:

    1. We can take over or buy from the Client the existing compressed air facilities to assume regular maintenance over the plant. In addition, as part of our offer, PK modernises the facilities in order to reduce their operating costs and improve the operating parameters.

    2. PK carries out new investment projects, which we run from design, through construction and up to regular maintenance, including service and repairs of equipment. In such case the system remains our property.

    3. We can also carry out fixed-term outsourcing contracts, which involve installing containerised compressors and nitrogen generators owned by PK on-site.

    Investment projects can be carried out as outsourcing based on Build-Operate-Own principles or Build-Operate-Transfer contracting.

    The compressed air supply model proposed by our company has a number of unquestionable advantages, as it:

    1. relieves the Client’s budget by retaining the company’s own investment funds,
    2. enables to obtain a low, fixed price of supplies,
    3. reduces the costs of maintenance and repairs of the entire system,
    4. guarantees professional and reliable service.