Oil-injected And Oil-free Customised Screw Compressors

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    Oil-injected And Oil-free Customised Screw Compressors

    Performance range: from 820 to 3500 m3/h
    Pressure range: from 7.5 to 15 bar
    Content range rated power: from 75 kW to 500 kW
    Power supply options: 400V or 500V

  • Our company designs and manufactures oil-injected and oil-free screw compressors featuring the main motor rated power ranging from 75 to 500 kW.

    PK designs and manufactures technically advanced, energy efficient oil-free compressors based on GHH Rand screw air ends compressors featuring the main drive rated power of up to 500kW.

    Our customised solutions are developed in response to our Clients’ needs and requirements in the following areas:

    • equipment (type and brand of the compression stage, motor, inverter, control system, safety requirements, etc.),
    • components and materials (e.g. the whole compressor in a pneumatic system and in stainless steel),
    • software,
    • pressure,
    • performance,
    • sizes,
    • Atex requirements,
    • others.

    How a customised compressor is built?

    Together with the Client we define what are the user’s needs, under what conditions the compressor is intended to work and what are the requirements for components, equipment, construction, etc. Then, PK designs the device, the Client approves the design and PK produces the committed equipment. Our screw compressors are “plug and play”, fully automated units, designed for continuous operation in harsh working conditions. The equipment can be housed in a soundproof casing or not. Compressors can be either V-belt driven or direct coupled, with fixed or variable speed drives. All units are made in compliance with standards and requirements set out in directives referring to machinery, pressure equipment, electrical equipment and electromagnetic compatibility. Our rigorous quality management system covering design, production and maintenance of screw compressors ensures top quality of our products.