General contracting

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  • Comprehensive solutions

    PK offer includes comprehensive services that meet exceptional and specific investor requirements.

    Acting as a general contractor or substitute investor we assume all responsibilities associated with the process of constructing a compressor plant, stations for generating nitrogen from compressed air as well as process water chillers. PK performs thorough need analysis and designs entire solutions as well as individual pieces of equipment. In this case, the investor’s role boils down to inspecting and accepting individual stages of the project and ultimately a finished plant that is equipped with all necessary equipment, ventilation, electrical installations, heating and heat recovery systems, automation, etc.

    Our satisfied clients and references provided by them are the best evidence for the high quality of our services.

    PK Systemy Azotowe attaches great importance to optimising the design and construction process, as well as adapting applied technologies to investor's expectations. The scope of supplies and work, alongside the type of equipment, materials and applied solutions is always precisely defined prior to entering into the contract, so that the final solution meets Client’s requirements in 100%. Design process as well as installation and assembly works are constantly supervised by engineering staff, and, when required by law, employees of relevant offices and institutions. A group of trusted employees and subcontractors allows for efficient execution of works always in the highest quality. All contracts concluded with our company include a detailed schedule of work.

  • PK services

    Expertise And Experience

    There are several factors contributing to PK Systemy Azotowe’s reduced costs of obtaining and producing top quality equipment. It includes our expertise in the industry combined with the fact that most equipment and technical solutions installed by PK are designed and manufactured by the company itself. In addition, PK acts as the Parker’s Specialised Distributor. As a result, our general contracting services warrant our Clients an excellent quality-price ratio.