Freon compressed air aftercooling system

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  • Compressed air aftercooling system

    Freon compressed air aftercooling system

    Performance range: 200 to 10000 m3/h
    Pressure range: from 4 to 16 bar
    Cooling temperature range: +1 to + 40°C
    Ambient temperature range -20 to + 50°C

  • PK Freon compressed air coolers are an excellent solution when the compressed air needs to be cooled well below the ambient temperature. Our heat exchangers do not require water supply, thus can cool the compressed air as much as to + 1° C. As a standard, coolers can cool the compressed air reaching up to 60° C.

    We produce customised freon coolers, made largely of stainless steel and corrosion resistant materials. Features such as performance, size, components, control and measurement functions are agreed with the User. We specialize in the production of tailor-made solutions.

    There is an option to integrate a freon cooler with a refrigerant air dryer and a heat regenerated adsorption dryer. The hybrid dryers, being a unique combination of refrigerant and adsorption drying technology, are significantly better in terms of their scope of operation, efficiency and functionality.