Containerised solutions

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  • Mobile containerised compressor systems

    PK has built expertise in making mobile containerised compressor stations, constructed based on sea cargo containers. Until now, we have built over 40 such stations.

    Often, plants lack an adequate technical room that could meet requirements for compressed air or nitrogen generation plants, etc. In such case, ordering a containerised compressor system from PK Systemy Azotowe is the best idea. We can build it for you very quickly to ensure optimal working conditions both for the compressor system and other related air treatment and gas separation equipment.
    On Client’s request, we can also construct free-standing buildings, built of panels insulated with mineral wool and permanently fixed to the ground. If needed, the containerised compressor system can be fitted indoors, thus ensuring that the compressor room is separated from the production or storage area.

    Benefits of ordering a containerised compressor system at PK:

    • We provide as-built documentation for all industries along with 3D building drawings,
    • The project is always tailored to meet our Client’s exact needs,
    • Our team designs and performs internal installations for the following sectors: electric, lighting, parking heater, ventilation, heat recovery, etc.
    • We provide excellent acoustic and thermal insulation,
    • We can extend the container for containers made from panels,
    • For containerised versions we provide the possibility to transport the entire system,
    • The container can be located indoors,
    • No need to invest in foundations,
    • Short project lead time.

    At PK we also develop bespoke solutions to containerise your other equipment, including production machines, water pumps, motors, electrical cabinets, etc.