Containerised nitrogen generators

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  • PK containerised solutions

    Containerised nitrogen generators

    Performance range: from 1 to 2000 m3/h
    Pressure range: from 5 to 13 bar
    Range of oxygen: from 5 ppm to 5%

  • Technology and experience

    Drawing upon decades of experience in customised device constructions and our production resources, PK containerised nitrogen generators offer virtually unlimited possibilities to provide the required production volumes at oxygen content of 5 ppm to 5%.

    We manufacture containerised sets using various technologies for nitrogen generation.

    PSA Two-column Generators

    Made of carbon steel and stainless steel, PSA two-column generators consist of two columns divided into sections and filled using a unique snow-storm method. This design contributes to a much more efficient nitrogen generation and extends the CMS life span.

    PSA modular generators

    PSA modular generators use the snow-storm filling method. With our specially designed air treatment process (filtration and drying) and maintenance provided by PK, the CMS beds in generators are nearly wear-free (and maintain their performance parameters) for over 10 years.

    Membrane nitrogen generators

    Membrane generators are built based on membrane modules. For minimized electricity consumption generators are equipped with an advanced control system and sequential module switching system. This solution provides high flexibility of work at variable working parameters.

    While manufacturing containerised generators we apply a multi-level air treatment process and several systems for monitoring and assuring gas quality.
  • Highest safety standards

    We build fully autonomous intelligent control and monitoring systems

    Containerised generators utilise an advanced control and monitoring system which monitors and records over 100 different parameters. Fully autonomous and intelligent systems dynamically change the generators’ settings to maintain the required operating parameters.


    Containerised nitrogen generators are commonly used wherever a source of nitrogen gas is needed yet there no possibility to build a suitable room. They can be used anywhere and at any time.

    A professionally made containerised nitrogen generation station protects the equipment inside against all external factors and at the same time provides optimal operating conditions. The station is equipped and configured to meet specific customer requirements. The size of the container depends on the type and amount of devices fitted inside, such as: screw compressors, boosters, tanks, separators, compressed air filters and dryers, nitrogen production sections. Both the container and the fitted equipment are mounted on a common suspending frame, thus making the construction easy to transport and install at any place.

  • Reliable and durable

    Since all equipment and installations are made of stainless steel our systems are highly corrosion-resistant.

    Containerised stations feature appropriate heating and ventilation system and thus are completely independent of the prevailing weather conditions. They can be powered either from a power line or power generators through cable entries to the switch cabinet in the container.