Compressors and nitrogen generators rental

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  • We offer short- or long-term rental of screw compressors along with necessary refrigeration and adsorption drying and filtration systems.

    Our offer includes complete compressor systems mounted on marine containers, with capacity of up to 3000 m3/h at 10 bar pressure, as well as nitrogen generators with capacities up to 850 m3/h at purities 3% oxygen content (at customer's request we can change nitrogen concentration to range from 99.999%to 95% ).

    For short-term demands PK disposes of used screw compressors ranging from 7.5 to 500 kW power. Our qualified service team delivers and actuates the equipment directly at your premises. When needed, our experts adapt your compressed air installation to make it compatible with the supplied equipment. On request, we can also provide replacement equipment for the period when your equipment is refurbished by our company.

    For Clients who do not want to tie up cash in buying equipment PK offers long-term rental (even for several years).We dispose of equipment for generating and treating compressed air as well as nitrogen generators, which you can buy out at the end of the rental period. Each rental contract is tailored for your specific needs. You can either rent individual elements, such as compressors, a dryer and generators, or complete sets for generating compressed air, including a container. For Clients interested in acquiring funds we also provide comprehensive mediation services to support them in obtaining financing to purchase the equipment through bank lease financing.