Compressed air and nitrogen measurements

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  • Our offer includes measurements of compressed air and nitrogen in the following scope:

    1. Measuring the pressure dew point of compressed air and nitrogen
    2. Measuring residual gas content in nitrogen
    3. Laboratory testing of compressed air and nitrogen composition, including detection of trace impurities
    4. Detecting leaks in installations.

    Gas flow measurements:

    Gas flow measurements are performed using thermal mass flow meters or a Pitot tube.

    Our services include:

    Checking the actual capacity of compressors,
    Measuring flow and velocity in pipelines.

    Non-invasive gas flow measurements:

    Measurements made by means of non-invasive portable flow meters enable verification of the flow rate. The measurement does not require any interruptions to the technological process or interferences in the pipeline, which significantly reduces measurement costs.

    Flow meters used during measurements are approved for work in potentially explosive areas.