Equipment modernisation services

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  • We provide a wide scope of modernising services for compressed air production and treatment equipment as well as nitrogen generators.

    We plan and execute modernisations for compressors, dryers and nitrogen generators as regards accessories, control systems and software. As for compressors we also deal with rated power, maximum pressure, efficiency and other features.

    For compressors, we can replace existing controllers with programmable models that provide almost unlimited configuration options. We change work algorithms suitable for air consumption. When required, we install external inverters and “flying ” inverters which work rotationally with several compressors, thus allowing to switch the leading compressor and contribute to balancing the wear on equipment while simultaneously lowering demand for service visits. By applying an external inverter and an external “flying” inverter it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of producing compressed air without the need to buy a new inverter compressor.

    PK modernises dryers as regards accessories, control systems and software. When required, we convert cold-regenerating adsorption dryers to heat-regenerating ones and the other way round. We can convert refrigerant dryers to freon coolers and hybrid dryers (cooler-dryer) with a dynamic, smoothly adjustable dew point ranging from + 1 to + 10C. We adapt refrigerant and adsorbent dryers to operate in conditions of negative ambient temperature and exposure to rain, dust, etc.

    We modernise nitrogen generators as regards accessories, control and monitoring systems, software, change of operating parameters and control algorithms. We are committed to satisfy all Client’s needs and match the equipment to Client’s reception system. We can increase the efficiency of your generators, reduce air consumption, extend the CMS life cycle and eliminate or reduce the number of buffer tanks for modular generators. Using a few segment solutions (a few membranes or PSA modules), we can provide sequential switching of individual membranes or PSA modules in the function of nitrogen load. That means that only the required number of devices / components works and the energy consumption is reduced.

    All equipment described above can be fitted with data recording systems and external communication systems.

    Our refurbishment and modernisation services come with a warranty covering even several years of operation.